Two Trends for 2017

The Kimpton Hotels reached out to me today to share a couple quotes from their chefs about trends to look for in 2017. It was interesting to me so I thought I would share!

“More in-house charcuterie. Chefs wants to make as much as they can in-house because it shows a certain craft that, if done well, guests will come just for that craft.” – Executive Chef Nick Sutton, The Gray Hotel & Vol. 39

“I think there’s going to be a lot of attention on locally-sourced craft pantry items that integrate wild ingredients—it’s taking local and sustainable to the next level. Lindera Farms Vinegars in Marshall, Va., makes a beautiful paw paw vinegar and ramp vinegar and instead of low-quality, imported Italian olive oil, I’ve started using extra virgin, cold-pressed canola oil from a little farm in Michigan.

Cutting down our carbon footprint is more relevant now than it’s ever been. Alternative farming techniques, like year-round hydro set-ups and tech assisted grow operations, will probably will start getting more attention. Tim Frillman (Frillman Farms, Ill.) is working on an indoor greenhouse that is computer-controlled and 100% organic to ensure 365 harvest days that are not dependent on Mother Nature for sunshine, rain or even nutrients. I can’t wait to see how farms continue to expand upon technology.

I also see exotic citrus like yuzu and cara cara oranges continuing to trend this winter in addition to root vegetables being reinvented through interesting raw salad preparations. I’m currently working on a shaved cauliflower salad with gruyere cheese, Nichols Farm apples, pecans, watercress and a sherry-shallot vinaigrette.”     – Executive Chef Shane Grqybeal, Sable Kitchen & Bar

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